Dark Souls 3 Steam preloading is now available

Praise the Sun as the Dark Souls 3 pre-load is now available, a few short days ahead of its April 12 release. The download is around 20GB, which is surprisingly small given how much content is crammed in there.

The pre-load should be available for you right away, but if you're having issues like some folks on the Steam forums, all you need to do is restart Steam and the pre-load will manifest itself, provided you bought the game, naturally.

While I'm not the type that pushes pre-orders on people, allow me to just say that after playing around 15 hours of Dark Souls 3 at this point, the only thing I want to do with my free time is to jump in again and add a couple more hours to the Steam clock.

If you're interested in how the PC port performs, or what the gameplay is like, I welcome you to check out a detailed article/analysis I've done on Dark Souls 3. The full review should be up in a day or two, but here's a hint, its bloody good.

As a final note, here's one of the more bizarre official Dark Souls 3 trailers, just in case if you missed it as its quite the thing to behold: