Don't Starve Together is leaving early access on April 21

Don't Starve Together, the co-op multiplayer version of the horrible-death simulator Don't Starve, is set to leave Early Access on April 21 as the developers have finally reached full parity with the base game.

After many months of working on "old" content, the team is now getting ready to start flexing their creative muscles, and begin work on an original expansion/update to Don't Stave Together, titled simply as Through the Ages.

The idea behind Through the Ages is to show the evolution of your world over a long period of time, and to add a lot more diversity between worlds. This will take a long time to fully develop, with around 6 months being the team's generous estimate, but small chunks will be making their way to the game every now and then. The first one of these mini-updates will come at launch, and bring with it more variations to the basic biomes so that each generation feels a bit different.

As for Shipwrecked, the massive new single player expansion, the team is going to do a thorough analysis to see if its even possible, as Shipwrecked was designed from the ground up with only single player in mind. More news on this topic will be arriving in the future, so keep your eyes peeled on the Klei blog/forums.

Don't Starve Together (2-pack) is currently €15 on Steam, and while I can attest that its worth far more than that, I would still recommend waiting for the official April 21 launch as there's likely to be some sort of discount.