Killing Floor 2 has added versus multiplayer

Did you ever wish you could play as one of the numerous Killing Floor zombies and deliver righteous vengeance against that one teammate that somehow always seems to die, and then beg for money? Well now you can!

Killing Floor 2's Revenge of the Zeds Update has arrived, and it brought with it playable zombies, new weapons, a new prison map, a crafting system, and achievements (including one where you have to pick up the soap, details behind which I don't think I want to know). 

If you're on the Zed team, you'll be able to play as any of the 11 available Zeds, though you will need to work your way up the zombie hierarchy by first playing as the plain old clots before getting a promotionm and finally moving to the corner office with a nice view, by which I mean playing as a Fleshpound and going medieval on the survivors.

Since being cannon fodder isn't the most exciting role in the world, each of the player-controller zombies will gain a couple of new abilities to help even the odds. For example the crawler has three types of mobility-based attacks, and one that makes it explode in a shower of corrosive goop which should prove to be quite nasty for those unfortunate enough to be caught within the blast.

Killing Floor 2 multiplayer flamethrower

Allow me to share a bit of wisdom I learned from World of Warcraft: Fire is bad!

As for the new map, its set in a depressing, dark corner of Russia where the Zed outbreak has long since overrun any opposition. And if that wasn't a nightmarish enough of a scenario, the whole map takes places in an abandoned prison at night, have fun!

There are numerous other balance changes, bug fixes, and additions that you can read about on the official patch notes. And if you don't own Killing Floor 2, but want to experience the life of a zombie foot-soldier, you can do so at a 33% discount, which brings the price down to €18 on Steam.

Killing Floor 2 prison map