Battleborn open beta and DLC plans have been announced

Battleborn is the latest multiplayer focused shooter from the developers of Borderlands, and as you would expect, its presentation is... for the lack of a better word, batshit insane.

If you would like to give it a try and see what madness awaits beyond its Steam page, Battleborn's open beta will start on April 13 and run until April 18. Here's a relatively long gameplay/story trailer that will get you filled in on all of the details, and also overfilled on puns:


As for post launch content, it will be coming in the form of both free and paid DLC.

The first of these free updates will be arriving shortly after launch and expanding the badass (read hero) roster by 5 additional members, bringing the total to 30. Furthermore, all future maps, game modes and community features will be added to Battleborn for free.

Battleborn's upcoming badass - Allani

Allani, one of the upcoming new heroes

However, if you feel like spending some more money there is also a Season Pass available, and it will set you back $20 for five pieces of DLC. Each one of these packs will cost $5 separately, and will include a new Story Operation (solo/co-op campaigns designed with replayability in mind), unique hero skins and taunts. 

Whether you believe that's worth your money or not lies entirely on you, but I do appreciate the fact that they're not selling multiplayer maps or other features that will fragment the playerbase, like some other big FPS that's coming in May.