Offworld Trading Company is a economy based RTS

Offworld Trading Company showed up on Early Access as a quirky little game with an interesting premise, to dominate your opponents not through military might, but through some good old fashioned capitalism. 

That was over a year ago, however. The Offworld Trading Company of today is magnitudes bigger and more content rich than its humble start would ever indicate, and most importantly, is just about ready to launch for real on April 28. If you're interested in how all of that looks in action, the developers hold frequent streams showing off the gameplay, so have a look:


If you aren't in the mood for a 50 minute video, allow me to give you the short version. The gameplay revolves around acquiring resources, deciding which goods to build and sell, being cunning in your interactions with the global market, undercutting your opponents to the point where you bankrupt them and everything they stand for, and other lovely things.

The longer the game goes, the more complex things will get, so if you do decide to play Offworld Trading Company, make sure to keep yourself flexible enough to survive any sort of market crash that might occur on account of your 'competitors' being douchebags, or just incompetent.

Offworld trading company is launching on April 28

I have no clue what this image represents, but I like it

And speaking of competitors, you are able to play against up to seven other AI or player-controlled companies, with the win condition being, obviously, a hostile takeover of the opponent's company and a complete domination of Mars.

The Offworld Trading Company is currently on Steam for €40, but with the full release coming up soon I'd recommend waiting and seeing if the price drops down a bit.