CCP has announced a sequel to Project Legion - Dust 514 is getting axed

If you're not familiar with Dust 514, it is a Playstation 3 exclusive FPS released back in 2013 and set in the EVE universe. Dust 514 was an interesting experiment but locking it away behind a PS3 exclusivity when the original EVE MMO is a PC only game was a rather questionable move that has now reached its sad conclusion.

So while Dust 514 is unfortunately going to kick the dust on May 30th CCP has announced they are working on a new PC exclusive FPS set in the EVE universe that will allow the team to implement everything they've learned from Dust 514 but without the technological limitations that come with ancient consoles. Here's the announcement message:

New gameplay footage of the Dark Souls 3 thief class

Despite the Souls series being so popular these days and Dark Souls 3 at the head of a massive hype train there is surprisingly little gameplay footage, especially of the thief "class".

So if you're like me and you're looking for more I have some good news because a youtuber by the name of Gilmore Mizzi captured 6 minutes of Dark Souls 3 footage from a recent private From Software stream. Here's the video:

Overwatch beta is coming back online this February 9th

The delay between beta tests has been slightly longer this time around since Blizzard was hard at work on adding an entirely new game mode and maps after many players complained about repetition in the previous tests.

However, the wait is now over and the Overwatch beta is set to re-open on February 9th. Those that are lucky enough to get in can expect to see a reworked progression system, a new game mode and two maps, a bunch of balance changes and an update to the Private Game system. Here's a bit more information:

22cans studio has announced Godus Wars

Its been around a year now since 22cans, the studio behind Godus, along with Peter Molyneux went completely radio silent following a massive community backlash over, you guessed it, over-promising and under-delivering.

And now, after a year long exile Peter Molyneux is back once more, this time with Godus Wars, a combat/RTS spin-off of the original god game. Here's my overview of the situation:

Black Desert Online is coming this March 3rd

After being strung around with teasers and delays for over 5 years now it feels strange to actually see Black Desert so near its Western release.

But strange or not the buy-to-play action MMO Black Desert will be arriving this March 3rd at a rather affordable €30 / $30. Best of all, there is no subscription! Here's the trailer and a bit more info:

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is coming to Steam this February 18th

We've certainly come a long way from the times where even the thought of Japanese games ever appearing on the PC was considered about as likely as a Unicorn giving you a lift to work.

Just this month alone we have Tales of Symphonia, Disgaea and now Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc all coming to Steam. In Danganronpa's case the release date is set for February 18th at $29,99 price point with an added 20% discount and bonus soundtrack for early adopters. Here's the trailer:

Hearthstone's spring update is adding a Standard & Wild format

In a rather surprising blog post Blizzard announced that they will be splitting up Hearthstone's ranked mode in to Standard & Wild leagues which are essentially a straight up copy of MTG's Standard & Legacy.

Besides the two new leagues the spring update will bring with it more deck slots (!), the removal of Naxx & GVG, a rebalance of the classic card set and a bunch of brand new cards. Here's a short overview of what exactly is happening:

Origin is offering Need For Speed: Most Wanted for free

Origin's "On The House" program is essentially cheap advertising for the platform but I don't think anyone can really complain about getting a free game every few months.

This time around its Criterion's 2012 Need for Speed: Most Wanted whose single player campaign is a bit lackluster but the multiplayer is as excellent as ever. Here's the trailer if you need to refresh your memory:

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming this June 28th

[Update]: After many delays, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has now been pinned for a April 5th, 2022 release date.

After being yet another big announcement the official Xbox site leaked in two days the Lego version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has now been officially confirmed.

Alongside the movie storyline Lego Star Wars will bring with it an exclusive chapter bridging together Return of the Jedi with The Force Awakens meaning that this Lego game is going to be setting canon! Here's the announcement trailer:

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is getting a massive free update

If there ever was a development team that did Kickstarter campaigns right it would be Harebrained Schemes, the folks behind the modern Shadowrun games. They ask for reasonable sums of money, have well laid out plans and deliver excellent games right on schedule.

And if that's not enough to convince that HS really do care about their games then the fact that they just announced 5 hours of completely free extra content for Shadowrun: Hong Kong should. Here's the announcement message: