Endless legend logo

In a recently posted press release, Sega has announced their acquisition of Amplitude Studios, the developers whom you might know from their work on the "Endless" series. In other words, the developers of Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Space, and the upcoming Endless Space 2.

While it might not be the most creatively named thing in the world, Endless Legend is one of my favorite 4X games simply due to the sheer amount of unique units and mechanics present within. The balance might be completely out of whack and the end-game often devolves into a big ol' mess, but at the end of the day I can't say I was ever bored with it.

That aside, Sega really is shaping up to be a juggernaut in the strategy genre given that they now have a whole bunch of quality developers and series under their wing. They have Creative Assembly and their wildly successful Total War series, Relic Entertainment and their Dawn of War series, Sports Interactive with their Football Manager series aimed at the "non-gamer" crowd, and now Amplitude with their Endless series to cover the 4X genre as well. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what exactly they are planning, but as long as they keep some of my favorite strategy series alive I'll be more than happy.

As a final and somewhat unrelated note, here's the teaser trailer for Endless Space 2, just in case you've missed it: