Need for Speed 2015 Origin artwork

Need for Speed 2015 has received its fair share of criticism, mostly due to it being a surprisingly boring experience, but even games completely panned by critics can sometimes be quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, trying such games out is often impossible as demos have long since gone out of favor and the price tags rarely drop below that dreaded €60 mark.

However, in a bit of a fortunate turn of events for you racing fans, Origin announced today that they are offering a 10-hour free trial for Need for Speed 2015! If you ever wanted to test it out, or just outright beat the entire game for free, now would be your chance.

You can download it from Origin, free of charge, and if you decide to purchase it once your trial is done, all of your save files and progress will carry over. Oh, and just in case some of you decide to misinterpret the message and go outright crazy with your game-time, the 10 hours can be spread across multiple sessions, so you don't need to beat the entire campaign in one toilet-free sitting.

As a final note, here's the PC reveal trailer from a couple of months ago. It should hopefully give you an idea of what sort of madness you're getting into: