Gul'dan from Heroes of the Storm

In a recently posted development update, Blizzard has announced the arrival of two new heroes to the Nexus. The first one is the Fel Warlock Gul'dan, an Ork so awesome Blizzard was willing to completely mess up World of Warcraft's story just to bring him back to life. The second, and only slightly less impressive is Auriel, the Archangel of Hope whom you might know from the Diablo series.

While the release dates for either hero are currently unknown, Blizzard did recently post a hero spotlight for Gul'dan, so I'd imagine he's coming within a week or so. If you're interested in what this life-tapping ranged assassin can do, here's the video:


To put it simply, Gul'dan is a ranged assassin that doesn't focus around burst damage, but rather on continuous pressure that will eventually overwhelm the enemy healers. To afford all of the spells such a tactic surely requires, Gul'dan uses the trusty Warlock spell "Life Tap" in order to exchange a portion of his health for raw mana, a downside that is easily circumvented through the use of "Life Drain", a spell that is fairly self-explanatory.

In order to play Gul'dan properly you will need to constantly juggle your health and mana, always ensuring you have enough mana to cast all of the damaging spells you need to win the fight, but never so much that your health pool ends up being low enough for an Abathur to slap you down. Balance aside, its certainly a unique idea and I one that I would love to try out, mostly because I'm one of those madmen that prefer DOTS over straight-up damage.

As for Auriel, I'm afraid that there's just currently no information available. Gul'dan only received his big spotlight today, so I'd imagine she will follow in a couple of days as well, but until then, here's how she'll look like:

Auriel from Heroes of the Storm