Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 screenshot

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13, a historical RPG/RTS hybrid with a focus on "human drama", has been available on Steam since January 2016, though only in Japanese and Chinese. Today's big update, however, has finally made it fully available in English as well.

While that should be cause for celebration, the unfortunate reality is that the reviews are currently less than favorable, and it does appear that Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 is a deeply troubled game that might not appeal to the majority of RTS fans. Here's the launch trailer to hopefully give you an idea of what its all about:


If you're wondering what the main problems are, according to the Steam reviews anyway, they all seem to stem from the notion that Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 doesn't give you enough freedom to do as you like. The RPG elements are almost nonexistent and completely railroaded, you can choose to play various roles but you will always end up serving your lord and eventually rise as the supreme leader, the battle system is greatly simplified from the previous games and offers almost no challenge to anyone even remotely competent, and the complaints go on.

While I know very little about the series myself, these issues do seem indicative of some rather serious flaws, so if you were planning on buying Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13, do make sure to read-up before you take the plunge. Its better to be safe than penniless and disappointed.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 PC screenshot