Worms W.M.D. castle screenshot

Over twenty years have passed since the original Worms game, and ever since then Team17 has tried everything from 3D to Pinball, but outside of a few exceptions it was the classic 2D Worms gameplay that stood the test of time.

In celebration of its 21st anniversary, and in an effort to create "the best version of the game yet", Team17 has set to work on creating a modern remake - Worms W.M.D. It will contain the same classic Worms physics and gameplay, though spiced up with modern graphics, new features, and a massive assortment of both new and classic weaponry. Here's the recently posted trailer showcasing exactly that:


For those of you that didn't take the time to watch the trailer, you will be happy to know that the classics such as The Giant Donkey Statue, Banana Bomb, Old Grandma, Napalm, Carpet Bombs and others will be making a return in W.M.D. As far as the new stuff is concerned, however, we have something called the "Demon Strike", a massive orbital laser called the "OMG Strike", a magnet weapon of some sorts, a chain-lightning gun, and even a proper flamethrower that seems to obey the laws of physics!

I haven't played the Worms franchise in many years now, mostly because its hard to get four people to huddle around the same PC in today's day and age, but I do have some good memories with the series, so here's to hoping Worms W.M.D ends up being better in every way than its predecessor!

Finally, you can learn more about Worms W.M.D. from its official Steam page, though unfortunately the release date is still the ambiguous "sometime in 2016" message.

Worms WMD banana bomb explosion