Industry Manager - Future Technologies screenshot showcasing various companies

If you've browsed through Steam the past few months you may have noticed an overwhelming amount of games whose one and only gameplay idea is to simulate an otherwise mundane aspect of real life. There's a simulator that lets you pilot a forklift, a simulator that lets you experience the thrills of cleaning the streets, and there's even a simulator that puts you behind the wheel of a bus driver - endlessly circling the same routes until either you or the game finally succumb!

Thankfully, the simulator I would like to bring to your attention today is much more interesting. Rather than give you a glimpse at some of the most boring aspects of today's life, Industry Manager - Future Technologies instead focuses on allowing you to create your own business, establish your own production facilities, and naturally, run your competition straight into the ground! If you're wondering what in the world this might look like, here's the recently posted trailer:

Since the global market is fairly volatile entity you will need to be prepared for the ups and downs your business will experience throughout its lifetime. A market crash might wreak havoc upon your production lines, but it might also bring with it a potential new source of revenue as companies fall and new opportunities arise. It is going to be up to you to decide how you will handle production, transportation, research, and everything else that might go towards developing new and exciting products your imaginary customers will simply not be able to resist.

Whether Industry Manager - Future Technologies is any good or not, that I don't know given that it hasn't even released yet, but the concept is fairly intriguing so I figured I would let you know of its existence. If you would like to learn more, or just check out a couple of screenshots, you should head over to the official website. As for the release date, its set for October 6th for the both PC and Mac.

Industry Manager - Future Technologies screenshot showcasing a city in progress

Industry Manager - Future Technology screenshot showcasing a coal factory