A frozen tree from the recently released Valley game

The most common complaints people tend to have with the exploration/adventure genre are centered around the movement, or usually the lack of there of, hence the whole "walking simulator" thing. Well, what if I told you that Valley avoids all of these complaints by putting you into a high-powered exosuit that's capable of jumping insanely high, gripping onto walls, and for reasons unknown, also controlling the very essence of life and death.

Since trying to even comprehend what I just said is a nearly impossible task, allow me to instead show you the recently posted launch trailer. It starts off fairly slow, so if you just want to get into the "real" gameplay, skip to around the half way point. Here's the video:


Besides the ability to jump around like a crazed squirrel, Valley has one more trick up its sleeve, the previously mentioned control over life and death. From what I've gathered, you need life energy in order to power up your suit and ensure your own survival, but this does come at a cost. As the game itself says, "the more you experience death within the valley, the more the valley will die around you." I haven't actually played Valley so I can't comment on what exactly this means in terms of gameplay, but from a purely outsider perspective that is a rather intriguing gameplay mechanic, and one with a whole lot of potential behind it.

And speaking of potential, while I can't tell you for certain whether Valley is good or not, the various comments I've read on Steam and a few other forums paint it to be a pretty damn solid game. Its not very long, clocking at around 6-7 hours for those that really love to explore, but what it does offer is some amazing environments, an intriguing storyline, and naturally, some high-speed movement in order to make the whole experience a rather enjoyable one.

If you would like to learn more, or just check out some screenshots or gameplay videos, I would suggest you head over to Valley's Steam page. As far as the price is concerned, Valley will set you back €20/$20, with an extra $5/€5 if you also want to grab the soundtrack.

Valley Game's screenshot showing some lovely enviroments

A bunch of void monstrosities from the Valley game