Lost Ember's official screenshot showcasing a wolf

Lost Ember is a recently announced adventure/exploration game where the protagonist is a spectral wolf with the ability to posses other animals. While that might sound completely and utterly insane, the developers have managed to pack Lost Ember with so much wondrous scenery that the whole "ghost wolf" thing seems to fit in perfectly.

Since trying to explain this concept in words alone is a foolhardy venture, allow me to instead show you the lovely announcement trailer and what exactly Lost Ember is all about:

Lost Ember is still early in development so there isn't much information available, but from what I've gathered so far you will be able to explore the world in a sort of Metroidvania fashion. In order to dive deep below the waves you'll need to posses the body of an aquatic animal, in order to reach locations far above you will need to enlist the help of some avian friends, in order to climb mountains you will need to become one with the mountain goat, and so forth. Its certainly a unique concept, and I must admit, one with a whole lot of potential!

As far as the story is concerned, this is pretty much everything the developers have shared so far:

"Dark secrets pave the way to the fall of Machu Kila! The old capitol and hometown of the Inrahsi now lays in ashes, the ruins of the once pompous temples are overgrown by shrubs and trees and nothing remains of the old majesty. 

Figure out what happened to the people of Machu Kila and get to know the characters behind its fall."

If all of this has left you as intrigued as I am right now, you can learn more about Lost Ember by heading over to the official website. Lost Ember isn't expected to arrive until 2018, but the developers are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign in order to secure funding as soon as the newsletter hits 5,000 subscriptions. Its currently resides on 2604/5000, which I must say is a pretty good number given that this is the studio's first "big" title.

Since I unfortunately can't offer you any more details, mostly because there aren't any, here are some pretty pictures instead:

Lost Ember features some lovely scenery

Lost Ember's possess ability

Lost Ember's parrot animal screenshot