Mother Russia Bleeds gameplay screenshot

If you ever found yourself itching for an ultra-violent beat 'em up, one that doesn't shy away from gore and other nastiness, you'll be quite happy to hear that Mother Russia Bleeds has now been officially released. While the gameplay is fairly similar to many other beat 'em ups, most notably Streets of Rage, it is the art style and overall theme that sets Mother Russia Bleeds apart from the rest.

Since trying to explain an art style in only a couple of paragraphs is a fool's venture, allow me to instead show you the recently posted launch trailer. The video is right below, but do be warned, it contains plenty of cartoony violence... and I do mean plenty! Have a look:


The premise alone is certainly intriguing, but is Mother Russia Bleeds an actually enjoyable game? While I can't give you a detailed answer to that question, mostly because I haven't played it, the reviews do seem to be fairly positive. The combat is brutal, the four playable characters are all unique enough to provide different gameplay experiences, and most importantly, the "Russian underground" theme seems to have been put to good use.

On the negative side, however, there is one reoccurring complaint - Mother Russia Bleeds is a rather short game. This goes doubly so if you are playing it in co-op as there are apparently quite a few ways to completely decimate the difficulty curve and just blaze through the levels with a few friends at your side. I don't consider this too much of a negative as I prefer quality over quantity, but it is well worth mentioning given that some of the old school games can take an eternity and a half to beat.

If you would like to give Mother Russia Bleeds a try, you can find it on Steam, GOG, or Humble at a €15 / $15 price tag. Have fun!

Mother Russia Bleeds combat screenshot vs a giant bear

Mother Russia Bleeds screenshot of character select