We Are The Dwarves is a hardcore strategy game

We are the Dwarves is a real time strategy game where you take control of a trio of Dwarven astronauts on a mission that has gone terribly wrong leaving them stranded in the void of space, which in this universe is comprised of stone.

It features some incredibly challenging levels you will need to navigate through careful planning, skillful use of your Dwarven abilities and a whole lot of slashing & bashing. Here's the trailer, a bit of information on each Dwarf and the game itself:

The Humble Indie Bundle 16 is now available alongside some great games

After devouring countless Humble Bundles over the years it has become increasingly hard for me to get excited about yet another. One part of it is because the luster had worn off after dozens of other websites copied the formula and the other because I've ended up with a backlog so large I could not buy games for a year and still have it big enough to complain about.

However, today's Humble Indie Bundle is a much different story as its so filled with interesting games that I can't help but be excited about it. Allow me to share with you why that is the case by briefly going over each of the games:

Grim Dawn is coming out of Early Access on February 25th

Before Diablo 3 or Path of Exile were ideas to get excited about there was Grim Dawn, a spiritual successor to one of the best ARPGs out there, Titan Quest. However, since Grim Dawn's team was small and worked on it during their free time the development process was extremely slow and it wasn't until they put out a Kickstarter campaign that things started picking up. 

Once the campaign was successful Grim Dawn's development sped up significantly and it appeared on Early Access soon after. Now, many years and updates later Grim Dawn is finally ready to leave Early Access and release in full. Here's the recent story trailer and a bit more information:

Devil Daggers is a stylish arena shooter

Devil Daggers is a fast paced arena shooter inspired by arcade and FPS games of old that pits you, along with some magical daggers, against hordes of unsettling demons.

Add to that a fluid and diverse movement system, a good range of attacks, difficult enemies and surprising amounts of mechanical depth and you've got yourself a small but very noteworthy game. Here's the trailer and a bit more information:

Talisman: The Horus Heresy is a Warhammer 40k themed digital board game

I'm a big fan of all things Warhammer so see a potentially interesting game came out of the license is an exciting prospect, even though I'm not really sold on the whole digital board game business

Talisman: Horus Heresy is a strategy-focused digital board game set during the cataclysmic events of the Horus Heresy that allows you and up to three more friends to relieve the most memorable battles and events that took place as either the loyalist Space Marines or Chaos addled Traitor Legions. Here's the gameplay trailer and a bit more information:

Factorio is a great indie building and management sim

Factorio is a game with a simple concept but almost infinite complexity as it tasks you with thinking up and creating fully-automated factories in order to produce increasingly more difficult items.

After being in development for over four years and selling an impressive 110,000 copies Factorio is finally ready to make the big step in to Steam Early Access. Here's the two year old trailer that managed to convince me that Factorio is in fact amazing:

STRAFE has a new exciting trailer

STRAFE is a very eccentric procedurally generated first person shooter that models its gameplay, graphics and atmosphere after the classic FPS games of 1996: Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Strife and obviously the awe-inspiring Chex Quest.

It first appeared in the public's eye back in 2015 when the developers Pixel Titans launched a (successful) Kickstarter campaign along with with possibly one of the best video game trailers. And now, after a short absence the developers have unleashed another amazing trailer upon the world, not quite on the level of the previous one but still special in its own way: