Deep Rock Galactic Azure biome artwork

[Update]: Deep Rock Galactic's Season 1 patch has added a hefty amount of free new content!

Deep Rock Galactic's big modding overhaul was supposed to arrive as a part of the April update, though since the whole thing grew far past its initial scope the developers chose to delay it for a while longer in order to ensure it launches as polished as possible. A fair few months have gone by since then, but I'm happy to say that the mod support update has now arrived, and that it's a pretty good one!

The biggest change is that all mods have now been separated into three different categories in order to make it easier to understand what kind of experience you're getting yourself into. Here's a brief rundown of the three categories:

Verified (for Base Game) mods are QoL mods that do not impact gameplay or audio, visual mods that improve accessibility, and localized versions of in-game graphics. Mods with the types: Cosmetics, Visual, and Audio automatically default to the Verified Category if they only modify cosmetic or audio files. This is automatically detected in-game.

Approved (for Progression) mods are challenging or alternative game modes, changes to weapon stats, and mods that moderately alter gameplay elements while still retaining progression in line with the regular game.

Sandbox mods are any mod that changes rewards or mission payout, and mods that directly unlock in-game items.

To put it simply, you can use the first two categories and still go through the game with the normal progression and reward structure intact, while using Sandbox mods will turn all of that off. Since you can filter lobbies based on the type of mods they have installed (or not installed at all), this should make it very easy to choose only the type of mods you enjoy.

Speaking of which, it's also worth mentioning that the whole process of joining games has been improved as well. When joining Approved or Sandbox games Deep Rock Galactic will ask you if you're sure, after which it will automatically apply the relevant mods and send you on your way. You won't have to memorize or install anything manually in order to join games, and once you're done Deep Rock Galactic will also automatically disable those mods for you!

All of this has only made an already awesome game even better, so if you're even remotely interested in co-op based shooters, this would be a pretty good time to dig into Deep Rock Galactic.

Whatever the case may be, you can learn more about Deep Rock Galactic and the modding update over at Steam. Rock and stone!