Deep Rock Galactic Azure Weald artwork without logo

[Update #2]: Deep Rock Galactic's Season 1 patch has added a hefty amount of free new content!

[Update]: Deep Rock Galactic's massive mod support update has now been unleashed!

After being teased for quite a while, Deep Rock Galactic's massive balance update has now finally arrived. It brings with it a couple of nerfs to some of the most ubiquitous weapons and traits, while also buffing just about every underpowered strategy, weapon and overclock. And yes, this does include fun stuff like Engineer's electric turrets or the rocket-jump grenade launcher overclock!

Besides all of the balance changes, the update has also greatly improved gunplay by making it far more responsive and resistant to lag. As a consequence of this projectiles should fire instantaneously, use less bandwidth, and in general just do exactly what you want them to regardless if you're the hosting or simply joining a random match.

The update has also added a new Elite tier of enemies that are tougher, faster and more dangerous than standard bugs. They have a small chance to appear in each mission on Hazard Level 3 and above, so while they won't be everywhere, you can still expect to see a couple every single match. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing special about these enemies in either appearance or abilities, so you might even just mow a couple down without noticing much of a difference.

As for the previously announced modding improvements, those have been delayed for a little while longer. Ghost Ship Games are still working on getting them out as soon as possible, but due to some negative player feedback on how the system will handle modded and non-modded save files, they figured they needed a bit of extra time. 

To learn more about the current update, and to check out the full list of balance changes, you should head on over to Steam. Rock and stone!