V Rising official vampire artwork without the logo

[Update]: V Rising has now landed into Early Access, and so far things are looking quite good!

After developing two highly competitive arena games with a focus on non-stop action, Stunlock Studios will be taking their next game V Rising in a completely different direction. Instead of everything taking place in a tiny arena where two teams battle it out to the death, V Rising will be an open world vampire game with plenty of room for both cooperation and hostility among players.

As you would expect from any vampire game, in V Rising you'll have to hunt for blood in nearby villages in order to survive, avoid the scorching sun and the endless pursuit of vampire hunters, and naturally, try your best to remain on friendly terms with your blood-sucking neighbors lest they decide to make your unlife a bit more... interesting. Along the way you'll be able to gather resources and learn new abilities, build up a bastion of power or simply move from town to town in order to avoid pursuit, as well as uncover a variety of dungeons and points of interest throughout the world.

Given where Stunlock Studios' strengths lie, it should also come as little surprise to hear that V Rising's combat system will be quite similar to Battlerite's. In other words, you'll have to utilize a variety of aim-intensive abilities in order to whittle your opponents down, all the while skillfully dancing away from enemy blows in order to avoid a swift doom. It's a system that worked great in both Bloodline Champions and Battlerite, so as long as nothing goes terribly wrong, V Rising should be a pretty good time.

While there is no gameplay preview currently available, you can get a good impression of the sort of tone and atmosphere V Rising is going for through the recently posted reveal trailer. Have a gander:

Once more information becomes available, ideally alongside a release date, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can learn a little bit more about V Rising over at Steam.