Monster Sanctuary artwork and logo

Ever since the Pokemon inspired Monster Sanctuary launched one of the most frequent talking points among the community has been the difficulty curve. The reason for this is that while things start off fairly easy, eventually Monster Sanctuary reaches a point where you can't just haphazardly fight enemies and bosses, but instead have to carefully pick and choose your team in order to counter your opponent's tactics.

Rather than take either side, however, Moi Rai Games have now decided to give a little bit of something to everyone with their first major update. As such, not only is there a New Game Plus mode that lets you continue playing around with your favorite teams, but there are also two new difficulty modes: Casual that lets you enjoy the game at a fairly leisurely pace and Master that will gladly slam you into the dirt you if you aren't paying attention.

In order to beef up replayability even further, the update has also reworked how PvP matchmaking functions. The end result should be a more balanced system that takes into account everything from your PvP rating to the strength of your party, all the while ensuring that even with long queue times players won't run into opponents that are far stronger or weaker than them. How exactly this will work long-term given the fairly small playerbase, that still remains to be seen.

The final thing worth mentioning is that the update has also brought in a whole bunch of balance changes. You can check out all of the details by heading over to the full patch notes.

As for Monster Sanctuary itself, you can learn more about it by hopping over to Steam. Have fun!