Dark Souls 3 character lightning a bonfire

I am usually the one that is the voice of caution when it comes to pre-release hype but the Souls series is my favorite bunch of games and everything I'm seeing from Dark Souls 3 just makes me want it even more. 

The two trailers released today definitely aren't helping the situation. You can find the more cinematic trailer, titled Embrace the Darkness, right here and I'll embed the pure gameplay below as I would like to share a few of my observations with you.

Hunting a mammoth with your pet in Far Cry Primal.

Well this came out of nowhere didn't it. Surprise aside I can't say I mind the idea of a prehistoric version of Far Cry, at least then I will be certain there are no radio towers to climb. From what I'm seeing so far it seems very similar to Far Cry 3 & 4 which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I do hope it ends up being its own game rather than a retread.

Far Cry Primal was revealed during this year's Video Game Awards with a rather long developer playthrough following it, the video is embedded right below.

A very angry Cossack.

I might be completely terrible at grand strategy games but that doesn't stop me from being excited about everything Paradox brings out in that genre, especially for the Europa Universalis series.

In preparation for the upcoming expansion for Europa Universalis IV, Paradox have released a youtube video (embedded below) going over all the major changes coming with The Cossacks on December 1st.

Allow me to give you a brief rundown of what to expect:

Dragon's Dogma was one of the few games that made me want to grab a console and now I only await the day when Demon Souls & Bloodborne get ported to PC... a man can dream at least.

My daydreaming aside Capcom UK released a video containing some beginner tips for new players to the series, check it out:

If you're not sure what Just Cause is exactly its probably best described as a "small island republic destabilization simulator" because your goals in the game might be noble on paper but in actuality you are most likely going to completely demolish the whole nation, grinning with glee on every step of the way. 

In Just Cause 2 you spent the majority of your time blowing stuff up, using a physically impossible grappling hook to cause stuff to explode, driving military vehicles in order to blow stuff up... are you seeing a pattern emerge here? Just Cause 2 might not have had a good story, or good voice acting but when it comes to helping you unwind after a long day there is simply no better game.

And judging by the video below it seems Just Cause 3 is following in its footsteps.

I tend not to discuss rumors because often times there is just no way to know if any of it is true or not. But this time around it would appear there is actual proof that the leak is coming from someone that did indeed have contact with the game.

Mass Effect's subreddit moderators received a message as well as proof from someone that (obviously) wanted to remain unknown. The message being a bunch of new information about Mass Effect Andromeda.

Before reading on keep one thing in mind, even if all of this is completely true (and there is a chance it isn't) its possible none of this may be present in the final game depending on how the development goes, what elements end up working out and so on. With that said, here's what was leaked:

I mentioned before that I like Diablo 3, and I really do. But when it comes to ARPGs Path of Exile is my go-to game. And now with a brand new expansion on the horizon, one that promises to redefine classes, I'm afraid my D3 Wizard is going to get benched for a while.

The Path of Exile expansion, called Ascendancy, is coming early 2016 and brings with it brand new class specializations, maps filled with deadly traps, bosses, an enchanting system and a whole bunch of skills and items.

Read on if you want a somewhat "brief" overview of the new features and I don't know about you but this has me excited.

Despite being teased in the beta events for Heart of Thorns the raids (or raid, singular, in this case) did not ship with the expansion.

Finally, after almost a month of what I can only imagine was extra time to polish and balance it, the first Guild Wars 2 raid, Spirit Vale is coming to the game in November 17, 2015.

Diablo 3 isn't one of my main games yet it still somehow ends up being one the few games I come back to and revisit every few months. It might be simply because I find it fascinating how much it changed with time, especially in the eyes of the players. It went from being hated by so many at launch to now being regarded as a classic in the making.

A big part of that change in community reception were the frequent and, dare I say, excellent patches that brought in new features as well as extensive balance changes that helped shake up the metagame and redefine what builds and spells people used in high level content.

And the announced 2.4.0 patch is exactly that kind of patch.

Well this was unexpected. I knew a Hearthstone expansion would be announced on this year's Blizzcon but I certainly didn't expect it to be released quite literally next week, with the release date set for November 12th.

I have a feeling this is Blizzard's response to the rising amount of complaints about the current Hearthstone metagame, where deck archetypes are so aggressive and so entrenched nothing short of massive changes will shake them up. So will the League of Explorers bring with it that change?