If you're not sure what Just Cause is exactly its probably best described as a "small island republic destabilization simulator" because your goals in the game might be noble on paper but in actuality you are most likely going to completely demolish the whole nation, grinning with glee on every step of the way. 

In Just Cause 2 you spent the majority of your time blowing stuff up, using a physically impossible grappling hook to cause stuff to explode, driving military vehicles in order to blow stuff up... are you seeing a pattern emerge here? Just Cause 2 might not have had a good story, or good voice acting but when it comes to helping you unwind after a long day there is simply no better game.

And judging by the video below it seems Just Cause 3 is following in its footsteps.

If you've ever played Just Cause 2 I think the first thing you will notice is how incredibly similar it looks and feels. The locations are different, the weapons are different and the graphics are somewhat prettier but is still feels exactly like Just Cause 2. I don't consider this much of a negative given that I enjoyed the hell out of Just Cause 2 but it just feels somehow odd, maybe its just me.

Sadly, or luckily, depending on how you feel about it, the story and voice acting is as cheesy and terrible as ever. Once again all of your support characters talk in such ridiculously exaggerated accents I can't imagine it wasn't intentional. Personally I'd prefer a good story to go with my serving of chaos but if this hour of gameplay is any indicator I'm going to stay hungry.

Graphics don't seem to have improved much either. Its a bit of an odd situation though because when you look at things from above or from far away they look phenomenal yet the textures are very muddy up close. As I mentioned before I'm not much of a graphics man but its still a bit disappointing because Just Cause 2 looked amazing when it launched (and still does) while Just Cause 3 simply looks ok.

The gameplay on the other hand seems a whole lot better. The grappling hook is a lot easier to use as well as far more consistent in its effects, and its combination with the parachute and the new wingsuit allows for much smoother travel than was possible in Just Cause 2.

I also appreciate how the C4 is now infinite. In a game like Just Cause where your entire purpose is chaos and destruction its a bit silly to not have a catalyst for such destruction readily available, realism be damned.

Speaking of realism, I'm not sure if the developer playing the demo used cheat codes or if this is on easy mode but Rico seemed practically invincible. There was a moment near the end of the video where Rico was quite literally being pelted by gunfire and shot by a tank without dropping dead on the spot. I just hope this isn't standard in the final game, its no fun messing with the enemies if they can't do anything to you.

So after watching all of this I'm still very much so looking forward to the game but it doesn't seem to have underwent as many improvements over Just Cause 2 as one might expect for a sequel that comes out years later. Either way, Just Cause 3 will be releasing on December 1st and if nothing goes terribly wrong I plan to do a review on it soon after that.