Hunting a mammoth with your pet in Far Cry Primal.

Well this came out of nowhere didn't it. Surprise aside I can't say I mind the idea of a prehistoric version of Far Cry, at least then I will be certain there are no radio towers to climb. From what I'm seeing so far it seems very similar to Far Cry 3 & 4 which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I do hope it ends up being its own game rather than a retread.

Far Cry Primal was revealed during this year's Video Game Awards with a rather long developer playthrough following it, the video is embedded right below.


I'm certainly hopeful that Far Cry Primal will end up being excellent but everything shown so far just seems like a re-skin of Far Cry 3 & 4. Which again, isn't a bad thing but there have been so many "Ubisoft open world experience" games in the recent years its hard to get excited anymore when they show how you can hunt beasts with a bow and take down outposts in a couple of different ways.

Am I being a bit of a cynical bastard here? Probably, but it isn't because I hate the Far Cry series, it is rather because I love it and I want to see it explore new gameplay features and styles rather than watch it constantly stuck repeating the same thing over and over again.

However, we've only seen one short gameplay trailer so I'll keep an open mind about it. I just really, really hope I'm wrong about this being yet another Ubisoft open world game with the exact same features but different coat of paint over it.