Dead by Daylight is an upcoming asymmetrical survival horror game

You know how in every game that features rogueish characters there's that one guy that just never fights fair and always seems to stalk people for way too long before finally catching them off guard and getting an easy kill? What would you say if I told you there's an entire game being built around that concept?

Dead by Daylight is a recently announced asymmetrical survival-horror game where a group of four survivors needs to complete a series of objectives and make their escape while the fifth player controls the deranged psychopath that is out to isolate and destroy them one by one. Here's the developer diary explaining the concept in a bit more detail:

The hit mobile RPG Sorcery! is coming to Steam

Sorcery! is a four-part single player RPG based on Steve Jackson's Fighting Fantasy books of the same name. The focus is on compelling storytelling, interesting characters and so many branching decisions that even after my third playthrough of Part 1 I'm still discovering entirely new avenues of approach.

Sorcery! originally released on mobile devices back in 2014 to some great reviews and is now finally making its way to the PC & Steam on February 2nd. Here's the trailer:

The new Warcraft Movie trailer showcases what seems to be improved CGI

The previous Warcraft movie trailer released back in December during Blizzcon and while it got me quite excited the CGI looked a bit... off to say it politely.

Thankfully the recently released TV trailer (embedded below) seems to have corrected many of the CGI issues our green brown friends had, especially when standing next to humans. Here's the video:

Eitr is an upcoming pixel art ARPG inspired by Dark Souls

Most people will agree that Dark Souls is a good game but it still surprises me how much of an impact it had on the gaming scene. The Souls series has at this point practically redefined what the ARPG genre stands for, a fact that you can clearly see when every new ARPG plainly states their Souls influence.

One such Dark Souls inspired game is Eitr, an isometric ARPG steeped in Norse mythology and done in pixel art by a small indie studio. Eitr recently came to my attention when VaatiVidya, a youtuber dedicated to all things Souls, did a short gameplay showcase which made it look quite incredible. Take a look for yourself:

5 minutes of HD PC The Division gameplay have been leaked

One would've thought that with The Division's embargo being lifted a little while back we would get a lot more HD footage and some high quality gameplay from the PC version of the game but that was unfortunately not the case.

Thankfully a beta tester who goes by the name Voodoo posted 5 minutes of The Division gameplay footage with the graphics set on high giving us a better view of both the visuals and the shooting mechanics. Here's the video:

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak gets a multiplayer trailer a few days ahead of launch

If you aren't familiar with it Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is a prequel to the well-celebrated RTS Homeworld 1 and brings with it many of the same mechanics and story elements that made the series good.

Today we finally get a short glimpse at the much advertised Artifact Retrieval game mode where two teams face off to gather and secure, you guessed it, artifacts that spawn periodically in the middle of the map. You can find the video right below:

Firefall's patch 1.6 is trying to bring new life in to the game

Its no secret that Firefall has been a rather mismanaged project, constantly going through complete reworks and spending a lot of money on absolutely insane marketing stunts such as the by now infamous Firefall Bus which couldn't even drive.

There is a glimmer of hope for Firefall however as patch 1.6 which is arriving this January 20th brings with it massive updates to almost every area of the game, from questing to PvP and class skills. Here's a brief overview of the main features:

Tripwire Interactive detail their plans for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a standalone sequel to the Red Orchestra/Rising Storm franchise whose depiction of ultra-realistic warfare is among the best I've ever seen.

It was initially announced last year but given that it was still in an early state the developers had very little to share with us. That has changed recently as Tripwire has released their first of many community focused updates going over what exactly Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will be about.

Here's a quick summary of the post:

The Division Agent Journey trailer has been released

With the open beta starting soon and official release date set for March 8 Ubisoft has begun heavily promoting and sharing information on The Division.

In a recently uploaded trailer titled "Agent Journey" we get a glimpse of the of overall narrative as well as the most recent gameplay footage. Here's the video:

Planetside 2 update promises to bring massive changes to the game

I've put in about 100-150 hours in to Planetside 2 since its release but throughout my playtime all I could feel is that SOE, the guys behind the game, had almost no idea what exactly they wanted to do with it. And so, despite loving the game, I ended up quitting because all I've seen were nerfs and terrible design decisions such as putting up 10 meter tall walls around every base so each fight took place in the same two corridors.

Thankfully, after SOE separated from Sony and created Daybreak Games there was quite a big reshuffling of staff and a lot of the old Planetside 2 bigwigs got swapped out with fresh faces who instantly got to work on fixing the issues years of negligence have caused. 

Given what their recent test realm patch contains it seems they are far more in tune with the community than the old team ever was and for the first time in over year I'm excited for Planetside 2 again.