I tend not to discuss rumors because often times there is just no way to know if any of it is true or not. But this time around it would appear there is actual proof that the leak is coming from someone that did indeed have contact with the game.

Mass Effect's subreddit moderators received a message as well as proof from someone that (obviously) wanted to remain unknown. The message being a bunch of new information about Mass Effect Andromeda.

Before reading on keep one thing in mind, even if all of this is completely true (and there is a chance it isn't) its possible none of this may be present in the final game depending on how the development goes, what elements end up working out and so on. With that said, here's what was leaked:

-Gameplay is still squad based with you being accompanied by two followers. There is going to be a human female with blonde hair as well as a Krogan companion.

-You and your companions will have access to jet packs you can use both in combat and for exploration. If there is any piece of news I really want to be true its this one!

-Your Omni Tool will have combat uses, the one example given is the ability to raise a protective shield.

-There are big improvements to facial features and character models. The idea is to make in game characters as expressive as possible.

-Various pieces of cower will be fully destructible. It wasn't said if the terrain itself could be affected but it wouldn't be unexpected due to the use of the latest Frostbite 3 engine.

-The ship will be very different from the Normandy, it wasn't specified in what ways though.

-There is a balcony on the ship from which you will see your (most likely) loading bay. The Mako is displayed prominently there and it is likely that it will be fully customizable since its armor plating were of especially high quality.

-You will be able to customize your armor down to individual pieces such as the helm, gloves and so on. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

-Your character is the Pathfinder and your main story goal is to find a new home for humanity. It is unknown if something has happened to Earth or if we're simply expanding but there will be other aliens with us searching for a new home as well. So who knows, maybe there is a big threat that will force us away from our galaxy or maybe we're acting as explorers.

-The ship will have special Pathfinder quarters, if this is just your room or a special place on the ship related to the mission is unknown.

-You can move between systems using an FTL drive but once inside a system you will be able to fly your ship in first person, no more clicking on maps.

-There is a new enemy faction (possibly main enemies?) that are a cross between the Vorcha and the Collectors.

-Interestingly enough the enemies drop from Cerberus ships. I wonder what happened when an extremely xenophobic pro-human organization is collaborating with aliens.

-The last piece of information is that the main antagonist is human and you will have a choice between sparing their life or killing them, which indicates that the renegade/paragon duality is back.

And that is it.

Once again, despite all of this sounding really cool, don't get too attached to any of these ideas because even if the leak ends up being true it can all change over the coarse of development.