Dragon's Dogma was one of the few games that made me want to grab a console and now I only await the day when Demon Souls & Bloodborne get ported to PC... a man can dream at least.

My daydreaming aside Capcom UK released a video containing some beginner tips for new players to the series, check it out:


Mind you this is still an unfinished build, as you can see by the vulture dance party at 2:05 in the video. Still, its nice to see the game actually run at a decent FPS as that was one of the bigger complaints people had with the console version.

Out of all the things featured in the video I think the pawn system is by far my favorite part about the game. Let's face it, if you were going out to hunt a dragon you would bring as many skilled adventurers with you as possible, you wouldn't go alone with no range weapons and only good will as your protection (*cough* Skyrim). And the whole pawn system reminds me of heavily of DnD and how you're always a small specialized part of a larger party who then needs to work together to beat the enemy, I wonder if that was the original inspiration.

In any case, Dragon's Dogma Dark: Arisen is coming out this January at a $30 price tag and I really do hope this ends up being a good PC port, I've waited so long to play it it would be soul-crushing to have it suck now that victory is so close at hand.