Dark Souls 3 character lightning a bonfire

I am usually the one that is the voice of caution when it comes to pre-release hype but the Souls series is my favorite bunch of games and everything I'm seeing from Dark Souls 3 just makes me want it even more. 

The two trailers released today definitely aren't helping the situation. You can find the more cinematic trailer, titled Embrace the Darkness, right here and I'll embed the pure gameplay below as I would like to share a few of my observations with you.


Notice something different compared to Dark Souls 2? The entire pace of the combat seems more alike Bloodborne than the previous Souls games. The player character seems to be wielding the Knight's Outfit which is of medium weight yet he's able to constantly do long dodge rolls despite carrying a sword, a shield and a two handed weapon. I'm not sure if this is simply a liberty they've taken with the trailer or how the weight will function in Dark Souls 3 but it seems that the standard way of play is going to get shake up quite heavily.

But it isn't just the character that is faster, the animations are as well. Take a look at the video again and pay attention to how quickly the player is able to shift from an attack in to a dodge roll, its practically instant.

Dark Souls 3 lighting effects are much better than in Dark Souls 2

Somewhat unrelated but the lighting effects are much nicer

The same goes for damage recovery animations, it looks like you'll be able to dodge away very soon after you get hit which might not be super relevant for PvE gameplay but in a player versus player environment this is going to, again, completely change how builds work. If you can no longer punish overextending enemies through an attack combo a lot of the current PvP strategy will need to be reinvented.

Another thing I want to draw attention to is how good the sound design is. Especially when it comes to the various "thuds" and "thumps" such as when the giant arrows fall from the sky or when the boss does its stomping attack. These might seem like minor things to focus on but good sound design goes a long way towards making fights feel a lot more impactful so I'm glad to see, or well hear, that Dark Souls 3 is definitely on the right track.

And as a final not it seems we, as a community, got our wish. There are a lot more beastly bosses in Dark Souls 3 than big knights in armor, or at the very among the bosses they're showcasing to us. Speaking of which, anyone got a Gaping Dragon vibe out of that giant plant/tree boss? I think its the movement and spread of the legs that is reminding me of it the most.

Dark Souls 3 boss that looks similar to the Gaping Dragon from Dark Souls 1

Sure does seem like an homage to the Gaping Dragon from my point of view

That's all I really wanted to say but if you would like to join in an discussion you are more than welcome. In any case, with the release of Dark Souls 3 in April there should be more and more information coming in as we get closer to release so stay tuned and remember, fear the old blood praise the Sun \[T]/ !