Diablo 3 isn't one of my main games yet it still somehow ends up being one the few games I come back to and revisit every few months. It might be simply because I find it fascinating how much it changed with time, especially in the eyes of the players. It went from being hated by so many at launch to now being regarded as a classic in the making.

A big part of that change in community reception were the frequent and, dare I say, excellent patches that brought in new features as well as extensive balance changes that helped shake up the metagame and redefine what builds and spells people used in high level content.

And the announced 2.4.0 patch is exactly that kind of patch.

The biggest additions to the adventure mode are coming in the form of a brand new map as well as expansions to two current ones, The Eternal Woods and Royal Quarters with the latter finally showing us what is behind that darned pile of rubble in Leoric's Mansion!

Grayhollow Island, the newly announced map, is located in what I can only describe as a horror movie set, a dark foggy forest with a mysterious past and an unnatural thirst for the blood of adventurers. All we need now is for the Scooby gang to show up.

I have a great idea, let's split up!

On the topic of metagame shaking, 2.4.0 will also bring parity to the power levels of all 24 sets in the game either through simple number changes or through what they call "juiced up playstyle" which is something I can definitely get in to. The two sets uhh... set for a total overhaul are the Thorns Of the Invoker as well as the Shadow's Mantle. What the changes will be we still don't know but its good to see Diablo's development team so active in regards to balance because, good or bad, massive change will get people out of their comfort zone and back to experimenting with builds.

And another nifty addition I wanted to mention are the Set Dungeons, new challenging pieces of dungeoneering content specifically designed for each set in mind. Their job? To serve as both a test for the player's mastery of their set as well as a place to earn cosmetic rewards through skillful gameplay.

These are what I would consider the biggest changes but don't be alarmed, there is a lot more coming with 2.4.0. You can read all about it here or simply wait a few days because 2.4.0 is coming to a PTR near you this very Friday, enjoy.