After the disaster that Warlords of Draenor was I really didn't expect that I could be intrigued by a WoW trailer, yet here we are. And unlike the Warcraft movie trailer I have very few complaints with this one.

The trailer, despite how amazing it was, served simply as an intro for the massive amount of WoW related news that followed the most important of which I will try and outline for you here.

Blizzcon 2015 has finally arrived and with it a lot of juicy news and trailers. World of Warcraft players, and Warcraft fans in general, are in luck because Blizzard has started off their convention with something special.

The much teased Warcraft movie trailer is here and the release date is set for June 10, 2016.

Prey for the Gods is a very stylish game coming to us from a three man development team by the name of No Matter Studios. According to the game's website we will explore the very edges of the world in order to find out why it is encased in endless winter while trying to survive both in the environment and in the presence of colossal enemies.

There isn't much information to go on right now but the influence of Shadow of the Colossus upon this game is obvious, with the massive enemies you simply cannot damage conventionally so you're forced to crawl all over them, the lone hero on a strange quest in a faraway land, a focus on navigating an expansive world, its all there.

But don't take any of that as a complaint, since The Last Guardian was in development hell for years I am currently more than eager for a game that can replicate the feelings Shadow of the Colossus gave me when I first played it.