Copper Dreams is a cyberpunk RPG

Ever since I first tasted the old Fallout games I've fallen in love with classical RPGs, especially those that deal with post apocalyptic scenarios and somewhat serious themes, such as the recently release Underrail.

The reason I'm mentioning this now is because Copper Dreams, a gritty cyberpunk combat RPG set in a hellhole of a city, has been announced through a very intriguing trailer. Have a look:


While I'm aware this sounds like a massive cop out I'm actually glad when an RPG looks a bit on the ugly side, because for it to be marketable to anyone it needs to have good mechanics, story and exciting gameplay. I would of course welcome some higher resolution textures for Copper Dreams but given that its still in a very early alpha state I'd imagine they're not done with the artwork just yet.

On the gameplay front Copper Dreams features a turn based combat system with a heavy emphasis on stealth, preemptive strikes and careful positioning lest you get one too many bullets in your cranium. You will be able to enhance your performance with cybernetics ranging from the sensible vision enhancers to the somewhat insane chainsaw hands (this is after all a cyberpunk game), varying types of ammo that each serve their own purpose and a whole bunch of items, gadgets and gizmos to annoy the enemy with.

Copper Dreams alpha screenshot of menus and items

Alpha screenshot of the menus & some of the items you'll be able to fiddle with

The story itself is rather interesting as the action takes place in a city specifically designed to be a lawless hellhole rather than it being a product of some Earth-shattering catastrophe. Here's the summary:

"Dumped onto the island world of Calitana, you are one of hundreds drafted to ease the overcrowding that is rapidly miring the citizens of Earth in famine, violence and poverty. Once a beacon of hope, the isolated Calitana quickly devolved from lustrous to disastrous, unable to support its settlers, and overrun with unbridled corruption and lawless syndicates.

From waterways to rooftops, adaptability on the island means scaling the city heights, be it to avoid syndicate eyes or to explore the depths and secrets within. An isometric, fully 3d world allows for vertical freedom and movement. Traverse through districts by vaulting through windows, grappling hook to decks above, or jumping building to building. There's no way off Calitana, but there are a myriad of ways through it."

Copper Dreams will be heading to Kickstarter soon though no official date has been announced just yet.