Blueprint Tycoon well-organized base

Blueprint Tycoon is about as relaxing as a game can get when your entire goal is to work with razor thin profit margins in order to gather raw materials, transform them into complex goods, and then ship them to your contractor for sweet, sweet profit.

It appeared on Early Access in April, and throughout its relatively short stay it managed to gather a whole bunch of new feature, the most interesting of which is the Scenario Editor that allows you to create or download customized challenges, missions, and naturally blueprints for your game. Since all of this might be a bit confusing in words alone, here's the launch trailer:


As I've mentioned above, your entire goal in Blueprint Tycoon is to fulfill your contracts in the most efficient way possible in order to earn the biggest amount of profit. To do this you will need to create your very own blueprints by combining Crafters and Harvesters with wast hordes of workers, each of which will need a specific tool for a specific job.

Naturally, each of your pesky workers will also demand such frivolous things as food, and even payment, but since they're an irreplaceable part of the work-chain you'll just have to meet their unreasonable demands and sacrifice a bit of your hard-earned cash to keep the whole place running.

Blueprint Tycoon blueprints use

How its made - Blueprint Tycoon edition

It might sound incredibly complex right now, especially when you have to ensure everything runs at peak efficiency or you'll end up bleeding money all over the place, but its actually surprisingly intuitive once you get into it. Perhaps even too intuitive since I feel people are going to realize the optimal combinations for certain contracts incredibly quickly, but then again, that's where the scenario editor comes in.

If you feel like fiddling with it and creating your very own challenges you'll find that it has the power to create new types of goods, recipes, islands, contracts, missions, objectives, change costs, set up events, and so forth. Its quite a fascinating addition, especially when you consider that the main weakness of these types of business sim games tends to be their longevity for the most dedicated of players.

Blueprint Tycoon features some charming graphics

A well managed island

If you find yourself interested in Blueprint Tycoon you can grab it from Steam for €2,69 which includes the currently ongoing 10% discount.

While I can't give you my detailed opinion on it, especially since I've only managed to find the time to play tiny amounts, it does seem to be a rather charming game, and with the price tag being that low you might just find it worth your while.

Blueprint Tycoon is a 2d business sim game