Distortions is a musical adventure game in a bizarre land

While most people consider exploration games as nothing more than walking simulators, I've found myself greatly enjoying the genre, especially since it most often comes with stylish visuals and a deep focus on atmosphere. These are all things I love to see in my RPGs, so it makes sense for the same elements to work well in a slightly different, but equally story-focused, environment.

With that brief explanation out of the way I would like to bring your attention to Distortions, a recently announced indie adventure with a deep focus on atmosphere, music, and exploration of a truly bizarre world. Before I say anything else, I would suggest you watch the launch trailer as it does a great job of giving you a taste of what Distortions is all about:


The story begins with you waking up in a strange room that seems to defy any notion of logic. Time appears to be frozen, all of the common household objects are stuck in place, and gravity doesn't work as it should. In order to figure out what happened you will need to make a journey across a vast and unknown world, protected only by a violin, of all things. Creative use of the instrument will allow you to surmount seemingly impossible challenges, defeat enemies, and manipulate the environment itself. There are no actual details available right now, but as far as I'm concerned the premise itself shows a great deal of promise, and my interest has definitely been piqued.

Distortions will be released in chapters, with the first one (containing the Prologue, Part 1, and Part 2) arriving in early 2017. The current plan is to release Distortions for the PC, though Mac, Linux, as well as console versions, are still being discussed as possible goals.

Distortions is a bizarre adventure game with a beautiful world

If you would like to learn more about Distortions, or at least check out some rather fancy images, head over to the official website. And as a final note, here's the feature list that came with the announcement, it'll hopefully give you a good idea of what to expect from Distortions, as far as gameplay is concerned anyway:

Compelling story about broken relationships; how far would someone go in search of a memory?

A vast open world waiting to be explored. The player has the choice of how deep he wants to go.

A dynamic system to play a violin. Shape the world with your music in real time.

With your violin, fight or change the environment in order to elude strange masked creatures.

Enter a journey to tame the masked, colossal monster.

Two worlds that coexist. You can travel between them in real-time.

Play music together with other characters.

Distortions is a strange new adventure game with beautiful visuals