Dean Hall's Out of Ammo is a VR strategy game

After practically reinventing the entire zombie survival genre, Dean Hall decided to leave Bohemia and start his own studio indie studio RocketWerkz with the intention of developing interesting concepts without any of the constraints that come from using an ancient engine.

The reason I'm mentioning this now is because the studio's very first game, a blocky VR strategy/action hybrid called Out of Ammo, is now available on Steam Early Access, exclusively for the HTC Vive. Here's the trailer, and if you value your sanity you will completely avoid reading the Youtube comments:


In Out of Ammo you play as an omnipotent commander who is capable of sending wave after wave of soldiers to their doom, move around the battlefield in order to build defenses, issue individual commands, and so forth, all through the power of motion tracking. Most interestingly, however, you can posses one of the poor saps eager volunteers under your control and engage the enemy in person, though you will need to watch out for your limited amount of magazines, or you might just... run out of ammo! 

Out of Ammo has some silly exploding barrels all over the place

Explosive red barrels, a crucial part of any military operation

The obligatory joke aside, Out of Ammo currently features four different maps to duke it out on, as well as five different classes that range from medics, to engineers, and naturally, snipers. While the core gameplay is mostly finished, its worth keeping in mind that Out of Ammo is still in Early Access, so bugs and missing features are to be expected, especially on lower-end hardware.

If you do decide to buy Out of Ammo, the price is currently set at €15/$15, though you will obviously need the HTC Vive as well, which will add a couple of dollars to the overall price, so make sure to account for that little factoid.

Out of Ammo has some beautiful scenery