SpeedRunners is releasing on April 19

I'm incredibly happy we live in an era where indie games made by small teams can achieve massive success, as noted by Vermintide and its 500,000 copies sold, Firewatch and its 500,000 copies sold in its first month, and now SpeedRunners with a whopping 1 million copies sold on Steam alone.

In order to celebrate such a momentous achievement, and the upcoming April 19 launch, the developers DoubleDutch Games have listed out all of the new features coming with the release version of SpeedRunners:

The biggest addition is a new Mario Kart-style single player campaign where you will get to compete in numerous cups and hopefully crush the opposition, literally.

For those among you that like to be as fashionable as possible The Trail Shop will allow you to purchase and sell special trails for your characters, in the same vein as what Valve has been doing with Dota 2 and CS:GO.

A Twitch betting system is being added in order to help streamers get more involved with their players, who will in turn be able to directly affect the game with various modifiers. What exactly they will be the developers haven't said, but its certainly an interesting idea.

The official April 19 launch will be crowned with a new animated opening cinematic.

Finally, there will be new UI features and Mac/Linux/SteamOS support.

What's really interesting about SpeedRunners is that the developers actually gave out around $2 million worth of Early Access copies for free, just to build up an initial playerbase and get some much needed "real world" feedback with which to improve the game. As you can see, the plan clearly worked out, but it was still one hell of a gamble and you have to respect both DoubleDutch and tinyBuild for going through with it at all.

SpeedRunners will be releasing on Steam this April 19, and if you're up for losing some friends while having a boatload of fun in the process you should probably investigate it further.

Speedrunners is a stylish, but visually simple game