Dead by Daylight is an upcoming asymmetrical survival horror game

You know how in every game that features rogueish characters there's that one guy that just never fights fair and always seems to stalk people for way too long before finally catching them off guard and getting an easy kill? What would you say if I told you there's an entire game being built around that concept?

Dead by Daylight is a recently announced asymmetrical survival-horror game where a group of four survivors needs to complete a series of objectives and make their escape while the fifth player controls the deranged psychopath that is out to isolate and destroy them one by one. Here's the developer diary explaining the concept in a bit more detail:


The whole idea behind Dead by Daylight stems from the fact that people, when stressed, become highly unreliable and start making some strange decisions which result in very compelling gameplay. The stress factor in this case is an assortment of monsters and psychopaths, each with their own unique abilities and tactics, that are in a constant and relentless pursuit of the survivors.

The player that takes on the role of the stalker will view the game through a first person perspective and will have many tools available to him that ensure he'll be able to both locate and capitalize on any weakness that might appear among the survivors. The four co-op players on the other hand will play the game in a third person perspective giving them much better situational awareness at the cost of being able to easily notice ground-based traps.

In order to ensure that the game doesn't become "solved" and that the monsters remain monstrous the maps will be procedural generated. In other words, you'll never know if you are completely safe (hint: you're probably not) or if you are walking yourself in to a dead end from which escape will be rather tricky if you get found.

Dead by Daylight is still in very early stages of development but if Starbreeze is so excited to be publishing it I have high hopes. But for now we can only wait and see how the project develops.