The Division Agent Journey trailer has been released

With the open beta starting soon and official release date set for March 8 Ubisoft has begun heavily promoting and sharing information on The Division.

In a recently uploaded trailer titled "Agent Journey" we get a glimpse of the of overall narrative as well as the most recent gameplay footage. Here's the video:


If you committed the grave error of going to the youtube comments you would have noticed quite a few of them shouting about a downgrade and unfortunately they are correct as the gameplay footage shown here looks a fair bit worse than the one teased a while back. I wouldn't get too upset about it because whenever you see a graphical downgrade its because the game has gone through its optimization phase and had to tone down effects in favor of gameplay performance but I can definitely understand where people are coming from.

As for The Division beta, its going to be starting up sometime soon and you can guarantee yourself access by pre-ordering the game but that obviously isn't the best way to "trial" something given that you've at that point already bought it. 

A much better option would be to check out this week's Humble Weekly Bundle starring Tom Clancy games where you can pick up a bunch of classics as well as a beta key for The Division for a rather sensible $10. Bear in mind however that the Humble Weekly Bundle is only going to last another 28 hours at the time of writing this article so don't dilly-dally for too long if you're interested.