The hit mobile RPG Sorcery! is coming to Steam

Sorcery! is a four-part single player RPG based on Steve Jackson's Fighting Fantasy books of the same name. The focus is on compelling storytelling, interesting characters and so many branching decisions that even after my third playthrough of Part 1 I'm still discovering entirely new avenues of approach.

Sorcery! originally released on mobile devices back in 2014 to some great reviews and is now finally making its way to the PC & Steam on February 2nd. Here's the trailer:


I'm in the process of reviewing it now but I figured I would bring Sorcery! to your attention as it has captured mine. The whole story starts simple enough, you're a brave warrior on a mystic quest to find the magic McGuffin that will save the entire world and while that might not be the most inspiring tale ever told it is the journey that makes Sorcery! truly special.

Along every single step of the road, which is represented by your character traversing the map classic DnD style, you will be able to make multiple decisions, some of which have far-reaching consequences. Do you approach a suspicious village with a smile on your face, or perhaps a sword drawn behind your back or even just avoid it completely and stick to the wilderness? All of these things affect the way the story progresses and the path you take towards your final destination.

But perhaps the most intriguing part of it all is that the various denizens of the world aren't all ginormous assholes that would love nothing better than to betray you the moment you turn your back. After being conditioned through decades of gaming that anyone even slightly nervous must be a murderer it was very refreshing to see Sorcery's cast of characters exhibit actually reasonable behavior and respond appropriately to my actions.

Its also worth mentioning that the magic system is cleverly done and that it allows you plenty of unique ways of solving encounters provided that you can employ the right spell. Sorcery! doesn't hold your hand in this regard, not even one bit. Its purely up to you and your wits to recognize when and how to employ one of your thirty spells. While it is a bit tricky to know when to use a specific spell the sheer exhilaration you'll feel if you succeed is well worth the trouble.

I've only put in a couple of hours in to Sorcery! as of right now so I won't give you any definitive opinions but it is certainly interesting enough to warrant you keeping an eye on it, provided you're interested in narrative driven games.

Parts 1 & 2 of Sorcery! will be arriving on Steam this February 2nd with Parts 3 & 4 coming soon.