Ok, calling it Unreal Tournament inspired might be a bit of a stretch but what else can I think about when Psyonix announced that they are adding mutators such as low gravity, time warp, cubic balls and many others to Rocket League.

If you have somehow managed to avoid going online the last few months you might not know what Rocket League is so allow me to explain. Rocket League is a game of football (or soccer if you are so inclined) where all those boring fleshy bits have been replaced with acrobatic bumper cars. You'll spend most of the match speeding about, doing jump flips, smashing in to the ball, the enemies or in my case simply the wall. And yes, it is as fun as it sounds.

After many months of teasing, Blizzard is finally releasing keys for the first beta phase of Overwatch. This beta test will run from the 27th of October to an undisclosed date before the end of the year with the focus being on gameplay and balance testing.

If you would like to sign up yourself try hitting up this link but make sure to put on your luckiest socks because this test is going to be relatively small. On the other hand if you have received a key or simply want more information about the various classes I'd suggest you head over to the gameplay previews Blizzard has been steadily releasing for a while now.

Batman: Arkham Knight's PC launch can only be described as a complete train wreck. From the moment it released the game's steam forums were filled with users complaining about constant stuttering, audio issues, game freezes, texture blurring and to top it all off the game looked noticeably worse than its console counterparts.

While I still think launching the game in that state is inexcusable I have to at least give credit to Warner Bros for realizing that the issues were simply too numerous and complex to easily patch so they suspended the game's sales, offered refunds to those affected and set out to work on a fix.

In a positive turn of events Overkill, the makers of Payday 2, have added safe drills (read chest keys) to the possible pool of rewards after you successfully complete a heist. If you are confused about why this is worth a news report I'd suggest you start with the previous article. The addition of random microtransactions with in game benefits was so poorly received that the majority of the Payday community united against the developers and voiced their complaints, some more pleasantly than others.

And now that the safe drills are available as in game drops one would think that the whole ordeal is over, the people have won. But things aren't always that simple.

Square Enix announced today via the game's twitter that Lightning Returns will most likely be coming early in December. Details on the actual release date should be arriving shortly as well.

Compared to the other two games in the series Lightning Returns is the odd one out. The battle system has been switch to a more action orientated version and the world is much smaller though a lot more dynamic in nature. There is now a constant timer that counts down the days until the end of the world and as the time changes so do the events in game, some quests might become unavailable, previously sealed routes could open and so on.

[Update]: Nearly a decade after launch, Broforce has now unleashed its final update - Broforce Forever!

Broforce developers Anthropomorphic Turtles have announced on their twitter that Broforce is ready to bring its large explosive doses of freedom to Linux:

"The most freedomest game is now on the most freedomest OS - We've just set the Linux build of Broforce live!"

Despite the announcement saying the Linux version is live on Steam it is still not listed as a supported platform, whether this is a simple typo or an issue with Steam I would still recommend waiting a short while before buying it.

In a recent interview for Kotaku Eric Johnson, one of valve's business development authorities, talked about the bad state of steam's customer support service and why some tickets have such long periods of radio silence. He admitted that the situation is not only bad, but has actually gotten worse over time.

However, they have begun taking steps to alleviate the issue, the first visible mark of such change being the addition of the refund system.

Payday 2's yearly event is getting a lot of negative attention from its fans. If you don't know, Crimefest is a celebration of all things Payday that spans multiple days, each filled with announcements of free content, DLC, balance fixes and upcoming features. And if that wasn't enough, Payday 2 is free to play during the event with the actual game and all of its DLC being on a 75% discount.

Sadly the event is off to a rough start as Overkill has announced their own version of CSGO boxes filled with unique skins, some of which have in game benefit rising a lot of concerns about the game becoming pay 2 win.