Heist map and plan in Dr. Langeskov

If you thought the title of this article is a mouthful you've seen nothing yet. The official title for the game is: Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger And The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist, or more easily known by its popular acronym Dr.L,tTatTCE:aW.

All jokes aside Dr. Langeskov, as I'll call it from now, is a very short experimental heist game that seems to have been made in order to raise interested for the developer's, still unannounced, upcoming game. And after playing Dr. Langeskov they can consider my interest piqued.

When I say short I really do mean short because the game will take you anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes in order to "beat". But just because it is short doesn't mean its a bad game, quite the contrary, it was actually really good. The stealth mechanics function well and the guards aren't the standard blithering idiots you see in these types of games and the voice acting, oh man is the voice acting great in this one.

Given its short length I can't actually tell you more without accidentally spoiling stuff so I'll just say that if you're looking for something fun, and funny, to pass the hour with grab Dr. Langeskov. Also, if you enjoyed The Stanley Parable, you'll get a kick out of this one as well, though bear in mind the game is rather short so it doesn't have the same level of depth as The Stanley Parable had.

You can get Dr. Langeskov for free on Steam or Itc.io and to send you off, here's the rather funny launch trailer: