A showcase of veteran weapons

I've talked about the upcoming Vermintide DLC back when the game first reached the 300,000 sold copies milestone and now that its finally here it seems even bigger than I expected.

While there is a lot of new stuff I find myself the most excited by the ability to nudge the loot system in such a way that you have a better chance to get equipment for your class rather than constantly getting bright wizard stuff if you're playing an inquisitor.

Sigmar's Blessing is bringing in a whole new tier of weaponry called Veteran weapons. Each of these weapons is unique and can only be acquired once but they will have perfect stat rolls every time. Sounds pretty damn powerful to me, I wonder if they will be craftable or only obtainable as loot drops in order to keep them scarce.

Speaking of crafting, that was added in as well. Those relatively useless tokens from before are now more important than ever as they are a key part of the crafting system. Combining class specific trinkets along with tokens gives you a specific item though the stats will be randomized. So while you can't dictate how powerful your item will end up it at least guarantees that you will get an exact weapon type rather than pray to the random number generator for one.

The new traits all seem to be designed around strength in numbers. Backstabbery allows you to do more damage to distracted enemies while Off Balance makes enemies that are staggered from your blocks more susceptible to damage. A similar theme flows through the rest of them as well. I'm not sure how they will fare in the actual game but the idea behind them is definitely a good one.

There are many more changes, far more than I could go through in a single article, so if you're interested in the full patch notes head over here. 

As a final note, I'm glad to see Vermintide still going strong months after launch, it really is a great game. If you find yourself interested in Vermintide there's no better time to jump in than now, with all of the various sales ongoing and with new free DLC it is bound to be filled with people of all skill levels.