Telltale's Batman series logo

The rate at which Telltale is acquiring these high profile licenses is frankly quite stunning. They went from being a small developer of point and click adventures to a giant with a whole lot of sway in the industry.

In an announcement today Telltale revealed that they are working on an episodic story-focused game based on the Batman license. While this sounds amazing I am starting to feel that Telltale is stretching themselves a bit too thin.

They have so many games they're working on at the same time I worry that the quality is going to suffer much like how it did with Game of Thrones. Never was it more apparent how little your choices mattered than in their GoT game which then ended in a massive cliffhanger in order to sell the second season.

But then again, Tales from the Borderlands was ongoing during the same time period yet it turned out to be one of their best so I'm genuinely unsure what to think about this. What I do know is that I would like to see games with deep and complex stories where the illusion of choice isn't paper thin. And Telltale is definitely capable of doing that so I'll remain cautiously optimistic about this one.

As far as the new Batman game is concerned, all we know right now is that the first episode is releasing in early 2016 and that the trailer is coming later this week. Hopefully that dispels some of my doubts.