I am not one to get hyped easily but everything they've shown so far about Total War: Warhammer just seems to be so well made, even for an alpha.

The Greenskins campaign gameplay they released today is no different, take a look yourself:


I love the idea of cities getting a "makeover" when they get captured by opposing factions which in true Orc fashion seems to be them bolting on a bunch of metal and adding skulls everywhere. And naturally, painting most of it red, because it is after all the best color.

Another thing I like is how they've dealt with the Orc's Waaaaaaagh! mechanic. For those that don't know much about Warhammer the Orc race lives entirely for the thrill of battle and will form loosely organized warbands under the leadership of the biggest and strongest Orc. If such an Orc ends up being immensely successful in his raids the various other groups will realize that he's their best bet when it comes to picking fights so they'll join him. After a while a single warband will become a veritable sea of Orcs ready to take down anyone and everything that stands in their way, something that is known as a Waaaaaagh! since that's all you'll be able to hear from them.

Warhammer lore lesson aside it was a clever idea to have random AI Orcs join your army as your hero garners more and more victories, its both interesting in terms of gameplay as well as lore.

BUT, and as you can see that is a big but, despite all of this looking and sounding amazing I still urge you not to preorder. Not only is the idea of locking off the entire Chaos race behind a pre-order bonus disgusting, you also don't know if the game will end up even being playable at launch. Attila released in a great state but Rome 2 was, well, let's just say not very true to their pre-release promises to say the least.

So while I don't hate the game and I do hope it ends up being excellent I still suggest you handle this one with a bit more caution than usual.