Being shot at by a two legged robot.

Shadow Complex is a Super Metroid inspired side-scrolling action adventure whose development was assisted by Epic Games (Gears of War, Unreal). It released back in 2009. on the XBox Live Arcade to some stellar reviews and a lot of praise. And now, it seems a remastered version is coming to PC.

Nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet but PEGI has released a rating for the PC version of Shadow Complex. Don't pay too much mind to the release date on the website, it is obviously either a placeholder or the date of application.

If you know very little about Shadow Complex allow me to give you a brief overview:

Shadow Complex is a 2.5D sidescroller. What this means is that the environment is fully modeled in 3D although you're only able to traverse it in 2D space. Your enemies however don't have such limitations and they can assault you from all over the place. If you're thinking that this sounds like it makes aiming impossible, since you can't really turn your aim towards enemies in the background, you would be right. Shadow Complex sidestepped this issue by adding auto-aim that targets nearby foes whether they're in the foreground or the background.

But don't make the mistake of thinking the game is going to be easy because of it. Quite the contrary, given that the developers knew players would be able to consistently run and gun they created some truly nasty encounters for you to face off against. And if the game itself isn't challenging enough there is a New Game+ mode as well as optional trials you can attempt.

Shadow Complex draws a lot of inspiration from Super Metroid as well as Castlevania. You are free to roam the rather expansive world and as you fight enemies and progress through the story you will gain both experience and new gear. Besides the constant feeling of becoming stronger new weapons will help you reach previously blocked-off areas so exploration is encouraged because you never know what goodies might await you just beyond.

The story I can't tell you much about because I only played the game in intervals at my friends house but I can't imagine it being a big factor on whether you will play a metroidvania game or not.

So if Shadow Complex comes to PC, would it be worth your time? I'd say that's a definite yes if you enjoy the metroidvania style of gameplay which is based on exploration and the feeling of character progression. I certainly enjoyed my few hours with it and given how many rewards and praise it received it seems that many others did as well. 

The release date is currently unknown but I'll keep you updated if any more information pops up.