CS:GO Winter Update balance changes to rifles and pistol aim are being rolled back

Thank goodness. I feel like I've talked about this topic to death but ever since the CS:GO Winter Update the game's balance took a heavy shift downward. In a single patch they nerfed rifles by making them more random while adding a completely non-random one-hit kill revolver. How any of that actually got through testing is still beyond me.

Now, a few days later Valve has realized that their patch isn't having the impact they wanted so they are rolling back the rifle change and pistol changes to where they were before hand. Here's what Valve had to say about the whole ordeal:

Dota 2 Patch is bringing in a TON of changes as well as a whole new hero, the infamously unbalanced Arc Warden

If you've been browsing any Dota 2 related forum for the past few weeks you would see a community driven in to an utter frenzy, like a pack of piranhas, but instead of flesh they were hungry for the much anticipated 6.86 patch.

And now that Patch 6.68 is finally out I can easily see why people were so riled up. Besides a ludicrous number of balance changes there is a new hero, plenty of new items, changes to the map, the UI, the armory and so, so much more. I'm excited and here's why you should be too.

Hideo Kojima has now officially left Konami and is starting up a new company of his own

I don't know what exactly happened within Konami, and I doubt we'll ever know, but there is some bad blood between the company and Hideo Kojima, one of their best developers who is most famous for the Metal Gear Series. For goodness sake they didn't even let the man participate in the Video Game Awards that happened recently despite his game being one of the nominees.

Finally, after a lot of radio silence it seems that Kojima has now officially left Konami and is is looking forward to making a new studio along with the rest of the people that were let go.

The Climb - a new VR game from Crytek looks really beautiful

I talked about this back when Eagle Flight (a VR game from Ubisoft) got announced but I'm really excited to see so many big publishers jump on the VR bandwagon before any of the systems have even been released. It gives me hope that this new technology won't simply be a gimmick.

While on the topic of big developers creating VR games we now have The Climb, a visually beautiful game from Crytek that is all about putting you in to the eyes (and hands) of a rock climber who is overly lax with personal safety. I'll embed the trailer below so you can see for yourself.

Fable Legends beta is being delayed until Spring 2016 due to increased scope and more content

Fable Legends is an upcoming free to play coop-focused ARPG where four players play the role of the heros while the villain (read dungeon master) sets up encounters and controls how the story progresses, a pretty neat concept if you ask me.

The initial idea was to release the open beta during this year's holiday season but according to Lionhead Studios the scope of the game increased so much they simply had to delay it until Spring 2016. If you wish to try the game sooner you can sign up for the closed beta which is going to be sending out new invites soon, details are below.

EA's stylish and artsy platformer Unravel now has a release date and new story trailer

Mind you, EA is not actually making the game, they are publishing it but even still, its not common to see them work with smaller titles so they must really have a lot of faith in Unravel.

Its easy to see why, just look at the Unravel's E3 presentation, the developer was overwhelmed with nervousness but to his credit the Unravel demonstration is one of the few game reveals from E3 that have stuck in my mind. And now we finally have both a release date announced as well as a new trailer.

Mario and a pyrana plant from ID Software's 1990s Super Mario Bros 3 PC demo

John Romero released a video today showcasing ID Software's pitch for a PC version of Super Mario Bros 3 (the video is embedded below). As you might know that didn't go over well with Nintendo but all of the hard work on the PC demo wasn't scrapped, the lessons learned there went in to the creation of the very first Commander Keen, a game series very dear to me.

Can you actually believe its been exactly 25 years since Commander Keen first released? I was only born shortly after that and somehow I still feel old because that series is one of my earliest memories on the PC.

System Shock 3 is now officially confirmed to be in development

There was a brief "announcement" that hinted at System Shock 3 being a thing but with literally no information being given out many started to speculate on what kind of a game this would be exactly, would it be a true successor to System Shock 2 or would it go in a different direction, kind of what Bioshock did.

And now, finally, we have even the barest glimpse of what the game is going to be about after Otherside Entertainment released a short teaser as well as a press release you can find below.

Witcher 3 lighting mod makes an already beautiful game even prettier

There have been other attempts at re-doing The Witcher 3's lighting, even different versions of this same mod, but it wasn't until this version that I've been properly impressed.

Today's update of the "Super Turbo Lighting Mod" along with the release of its trailer has convinced me that when I once again get Geralt back in the saddle its going to be with some even better visuals than the vanilla game could muster, and that's no easy feat.

GOG is offering Worms Forts: Under Siege for free for the next three days

This is actually the second time GOG is offering a free game in a single week and while I don't know what prompted them to start doing so I can't say I'll complain much.

Today they are offering Worms Forts: Under Siege, a 3D variant of the classic Worms games. The promotion is set to last for three days after which the game returns to it regular price.