February Rocket League patch brings with it a ton of loot including crowns

Ever since I started doing this whole gig about two months ago I must have cowered about a dozen Rocket League patches and updates by now. Its fascinating how much the folks behind Psyonix are willing to support a game that even without patches would still be pretty damn great.

The upcoming February patch, among currently unannounced features, is bringing in a bunch of new loot with which you can pimp out your ride as well as the rewards for the first season of competitive Rocket league. Here's a brief rundown of what to expect:

The patch, whose release date is as of yet unknown, will bring the first competitive Rocket League season to an end and grant rewards to anyone that managed to reach the Bronze Division or higher in ranked play.

Rewards for this season are limited edition crowns you can equip as toppers for your vehicles. As you might imagine, the higher the division you managed to reach the cooler your crown will be. If you want the prestigious platinum crown you still have a little while to go so you could make a push for it and get it easily, provided you're skilled enough of course.

Besides the ranked season rewards there is also a new bunch of items coming in to Rocket League, this time with a whole new quality tag and way of acquisition associated with them. 

I am talking about Uncommon items (light blue in color) which can, surprisingly, be found uncommonly after completing an online match. The current batch will feature all-new toppers and antennas such as the chick magnet below.

Rocket League's new wacky antenna is a real chick magnet

I'm not sure what else you expected with a name like that

But rather than being completely in the hands of fate the new Uncommon items have a rather interesting system surrounding them, as one of the developers explained:

"One interesting thing to note is that the new "Uncommon Item's" drop-rate won't have a fixed percentage like the seasonal items do. Instead, your chances of getting an "Uncommon Item" increases the longer you play the game.

After earning an Uncommon Item, the time then resets and you start all over again in your quest to get another one. This should give players who spend a lot of time playing some sweet new loot to accompany them along the way."

And that's it for this update I'm afraid, but there is going to be a much bigger and more detailed one on January 22nd as the developers have promised to announce new features and changes to the ranked play system.