• You can grab The Witness for $12 via the current Humble Monthly bundle

    Humble has really been knocking it out of the park with these past few Humble Monthly bundles. First it was XCOM 2, then Total War: Warhammer, and now you can grab The Witness for a rather low $12. As an added bonus you will also get a

  • The Witness has been demade into a 2D NES game

    I'm sure most people will agree that The Witness is a beautiful game, but at its core its mechanics are about as simple as they get. If someone was determined enough they could quite feasibly re-develop The Witness for any of the old consoles... and as it so happens, someone did!


  • The Witness Sports An Impressive Cast Of Voice Actors

    Jonathan Blow, the main man behind Braid and upcoming The Witness posted on the Playstation blog today to announce that the voice recordings have been successfully finished.

    And as a small teaser he also announced the rather impressive cast of voice actors that will be lending their

  • The Witness System Requirements Announced | Release Date Set For January

    The Witness is the brainchild of Braid creator Jonathan Blow and while no extended gameplay videos are available its supposedly a very sophisticated puzzle game with systems that slowly build upon themselves to create more and more complex puzzles.

    And despite the release date looming