The Division closed beta starts on January 28th for Xbox One and 29th for PS4 and PC

After the technical alpha held last December it was obvious that the beta for The Division would be starting up soon and sure enough we now have the announcement.

The Division multiplayer beta test will begin on January 28th for the Xbox One with the PC & PS4 platforms following on January 29th. The beta will conclude on January 31st but until then you will be able to experience Manhattan's Chelsea Pier and the early story-driven missions as you establish your first foothold in New York.

You will also be able to team up with other players and battle for loot and glory in the PvP-enabled Dark Zone. Along with the announcement came a trailer for the RPG elements found in The Division so take a look:


The only way to guarantee yourself a spot in the beta is to pre-order the game though you can also sign up for the watlist and rely on lady luck. Its also worth mentioning that if you bought the $10 tier of the recent Humble Weekly Bundle you already have a The Division beta key waiting for you so don't forget to claim it.

The Division, despite going through multiple delays already, has now been locked to a March 8th release date for all three platforms.