The lore & story heavy RPG Consortium is free on Steam this week

I first heard about Consortium today and while it is a bit of an obscure game the more I read about it the more interesting it became. In short Consortium is a first person adventure-RPG filled to the brim with lore and with a heavy focus on character interaction as well as player choices and consequences of every action you take.

Its completely free on Steam if you add it to your library during this week and I'd suggest you do so because Consortium seems to be one of the most ambitious RPG projects I've seen in a very long time. Here's the trailer, perhaps you will then understand what I mean:


From my meager knowledge on Consortium and its mechanics it is a fourth-wall breaking RPG where even the way you talk, or don't, influences how other characters will react with some potentially long-lasting repercussions for each decision you make. Depending on how you handle yourself you can either play through a "normal" sci-fi RPG, a murder mystery, an FPS and so on.

It definitely does seem like something you should try yourself in a completely blind playthrough, much like Undertale. With the reviews mostly being positive (although citing technical issues) and Consortium being completely free right now I don't see a reason why not to if you fancy RPGs or story-heavy games in general. 

Consortium was partially funded through a successful Kickstarter a couple of years ago and has since then delivered both the game and a lot of patches for it as well. The reason I'm mentioning all of this, and the reason why Consortium is free on Steam right now, is because the second part of the Consortium trilogy titled "Consortium: The Tower" will be starting up its Kickstarter campaign on January 18th.

If it continues with the ambitious approach of its predecessor I'd say that the Tower would most certainly be worth a look at.