Mojang published Cobalt will be coming early February

Cobalt is an action game all about rolling around, coming to us from Oxeye Game Studio and published by Moyang. If you have a distinct feeling you've heard about it before its quite likely as Cobalt has been announced way back in the ancient times of 2011.

But now its long journey seems to be coming to an end, or rather a beginning, as Cobalt will be releasing on the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One this February 2nd at a $19,99 price tag. Here's the most recent gameplay trailer:


While actual gameplay specifics are quite hard to find its obvious that Cobalt is all about rolling around, what with every second word of the announcement containing a reference to rolling in some form.

Rather than simply roll to look cool you will also be able to use your one and only superpower, rolling, to bounce enemy projectiles right back at 'em, to punch the ground in order to move quicker as well as do various other rolling-related combat maneuvers. And in order for you to actually have some reason to roll around there are a bunch of game modes you can play both locally and online in either single player, co-op or with other rollers.

Here's a brief overview of the modes announced so far:

- 8 hour long campaign that is strangely not exclusively about rolling. Instead you will get to befriend the local mushroom people, tame pets, play dancing mini-games and discover plenty of upgrades for your suit and weapons so you can better destroy your enemies and roll over their corpses.

- Speed & Combat challenges are designed as the most competitive modes in Cobalt where skilled players will be able to compete for the highest spot on the leaderboards in a variety of categories

- Survival mode is essentially a horde mode and comes with all of the features you might expect: continuously increasing difficulty, plenty of enemies and a bunch of weapons & upgrades to collect.

- Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch are two modes that don't really require an introduction. You go in, you find other random people and you roll them over, nice and simple

- Plug Slam is a game mode unique to Cobalt where you have to shoot, throw or punch the plug in to the opponent's goal to score. Despite sounding a bit like football the developers were quite adamant in the announcement that the mode is actually really, really great

Finally, the PC version of Cobal is going to have Steam Workshop support which means you will be able to create, share and play custom levels and various other aspects of Cobalt which is always a great thing.

As for me personally, I'm not sure what to think about Cobalt as its a game purely focused around its main mechanic, rolling, so judging without experiencing it myself seems a bit silly. Either way its interesting, and certainly unique enough, to keep an eye on. Ash rolling out! (sorry)