Omikron: The Nomad Soul is a David Bowie composed game that is currently being given away for free

In memoriam to the late David Bowie's legacy Square Enix is giving away free copies of a game he composed called Omikron: The Nomad Soul.

Omikron was made by Quantic Dream whom you might know from their work on Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain as well as Beyond: Two Souls but don't expect it to be on that sort of a level as the reviews for Omikron are fairly mixed. 

I haven't played Omikron myself so I can't offer you much more than the brief description that followed the announcement:

"Responding to the desperate pleas of a mysterious character from another dimension, your soul must enter the dark and futuristic city of Omikron. This heralds the beginning of an epic adventure through an increasingly strange and dazzling parallel world, trying to solve the many puzzles that prevent you escaping alive.

Think, fight and interact with the immense gaming environment to defeat the menacing demons that have tried to trap you."

If you want to get yourself a copy and you live in Europe head over here and if are from NA this is your link. Though bear in mind that most reviews were conflicted on the gameplay aspects of Omikron so if you plan on getting it I'd suggest you do so for the music rather than the gameplay.

The procedure to get your own copy is fairly simple and will only take you a couple of minutes to complete, even less if you're from EU as the code is automatically applied: 

1 - Log in or register a Square Enix account

2 - Add Omikron to your cart

3 - Input the promo code "omikron"

4 - Purchase for €0,00/$0,00

5 - Check the email you registered with, you will find a Steam key there

6 - Add the key to Steam and voila, you're done

This promotion will be valid until the 22nd of January or until the supply of keys runs out which given how many times they had to "restock it" so far seems to be the more likely result.

As of right now however there are keys available on both the EU and NA store so if you're interested in Omikron I'd suggest you grab it as soon as you can.